Released on Nov 29 , 2022

<aside> ‼️ Release requires prior migration to 1.25.2


List of Changes

1. Custom media callback

We introduce new callback for choosing different pipelines of recorded or selected content on camera and gallery screens. When the user clicks on “Next” button on these screens the content is passed to the callback. Then you can process this content and decide what flow to use - default or custom. Default means the user will be taken to next Video Editor screen i.e. trimmer. Custom means the user will be taken to your specific screen.

The default flow is enabled by default**.**

2. Support Twitch effect

New visual effect “Twitch” is available!

<aside> ‼️ Please contact Banuba Customer Success Manager to have this effect in your app.



3. Changes in using AR effect in picture-in-picture video

We disabled using Face AR effects on post processing screen for video created in picture-in-picture mode. AR button will not be shown on editor screen when video is recorded in picture-in-picture mode.

Using Face AR effects for recording video on camera screen in picture-in-picture mode is available.

4. Custom resolution on camera screen

New config is added in Video Editor SDK to specify certain resolution on camera screen for video recording.